1997 Dodge Dakota Engine Codes


Best Answer: something as simple as air in the system will cause that code to appear sometimes,and so will a bad sensor,check the brakes to make sure their ...


Best Answer: code 12 only means that the battery has been disconnected in the last 50 starts or so,or even if a battery was changed in that code will ...


Question: I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4wd quad cab 4.7 v8. How do I get the codes from the check engine light ... Question: I have 1997 dodge dakota v6 over a 100,000 miles ...


my 1997 dodge dakota has the engine light on and the codes were po753 and po743 I need some help on trying to get this fixed without going to the shop no money to spare.


1997 Dodge Dakota SLT - V6 Supercharged/Intercooled @ 10# w/Nitrous Tom McGee Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 2/18/2005 09:52:45: RE: Checking Internal Engine Codes


Dakota Code P0740. Transmission problem 1997 Dodge Dakota V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 144000 miles The check engine light on my 97 Dakota came on.


How to get the codes on a 1997 Dakota: Put the key in your ignition and turn ... example, if your computer was to display the codes 12, 17, and 55, the check engine ...


1997 Dodge Ram V-10; Dodge Neon will not start, the engine turns over; dodge dakota p0351; need to the the codes for 99 dodge caravan; Dodge Caravan 2003 P1684 P0442 P0455 P0456


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The Dodge P1494 engine light code means Leak Detection Pump Switch or Mechanical Fault. ... Question: I have 1997 dodge dakota v6 over a 100,000 miles. water pump and ...


Dodge Dakota, 1997-2004 baby Ram pickup trucks ... The second-generation Dakota (body code AN) ran from 1997 to ... Pump was added (4.7L engine only). 2004 Dodge Dakota changes


How to Retrieve DTC Codes on a 1997 Dodge Truck ... The 1999 Dodge Dakota can use different types of engine oil depending on the size of the... 1997 Dodge Van Fuel Problems


Check Engine Light / w code P1398 - Hello, I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport/ 4cyl / manual / 2wd / AC. The engine seems to start and run okay no missfires. I have ...


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My dakota (97 sport V6 engine) was doing the same thing. ... the internet if you search on quot;Dodge Dakota quot; and the code ... i have this code on my 1997 dakots 2wd ...


Asked on March 25, 2011. 1997 Dodge Dakota Wiring ... OBDII says the code is P0301 (Misfire #1 cylinder) how do fix problem? 1991 Dodge Dakota Engine Control Module


DODGE DAKOTA 1997 239 CID, 3.9 L Engine : The 1997 DODGE DAKOTA 239 CID,3.9 L engine long block come ... VIN Code: X: Aspiration: Non Turbo: Head Casting: 680: Block Casting: 711: Crank ...


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