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Cleverbot on YouTube; Company. Overview; About us; Contact Us; News; Careers ... About Evie. There are no limits. Artificial Intelligence is communication.


Evie and Cleverbot have a conversation. I got the idea to have the two chatbots talk to each other from other youtube videos. Evie is represented by Lady ...


Cleverbot wins Machine Intelligence Prize - 2010. A special version of the Cleverbot application has won the BCS Machine Intelligence


Last night I had a long and interesting chat with my new friends Cleverbot and Evie. They are both AI systems that learn from human users and respond as...


Want to chat with Evie - cleverbot ~virtual intelligence [url] awesome site to chat with .....


Off Topic Discussions ... Want to chat with Evie - cleverbot ~virtual intelligence Code: [ Check Download Links ] http://www.existor.com/ awesome site to chat with .....


Cleverbot is a web application that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to hold conversations with humans. It was created in 1988 by AI scientist Rollo ...


cleverbot - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Actual Intelligence?


The cleverbot website eventually led me to their avatar service named Evie at existor.com. Unlike cleverbot who is simply a faceless text box, Evie is an eerily ...


Try Cleverbot yourself at: www.cleverbot.com George is, as you can see, a much older avatar technology to Evie, which you can try at www.existor.com


Two chat AIs pitted against each other! Hilarity is bound to follow. Quote ... cleverbot definitely won:P ... Ahaha, hilarious. Loved the Queen between them.


Evie is a former parish and village on The Mainland, Orkney, Scotland. It now forms part of the civil parish of Evie and Rendall. Evie is home to two large dairy ...


NA - Vindictus West Character Asayumi Type Evie Level 2X Guild N/A Playing? Retired ... Cleverbot: I see your name is more than your moniker. User: Define yuppie!


Cleverbot: Do you like me? User: No. Cleverbot: Why not? User: You fail =D. ... Character Nodoka Type Evie Guild None as of yet Playing? Not interested


Cleverbot - Chat with a bot about anything and everything - AI learns from people, in context, and imitates


Cleverbot: If i'm not a robot and you are not a robot then what are we? User: That question is irrelevant. Cleverbot: It is not irrelevant. If you like programmed AI games ...


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I know most people nowadays of who or what is Siri. So let me introduce you to two more AI that will let you talk to machines, cleverbot and Evie.