Happy Sad Face Chart


A set of cartoon clipart faces and a happy/sad smiley are also available. Use the yellow button to select a chart layout or for a set of stickers.


I have a poster with a happy and a sad face column. All the children's names start in the ... I don't think moving a child's name to the sad face side of a chart is doing ...


Below you can see a photo of the chart I use for ... turn their card over from the blank side to the happy face ... rules their card gets turned upside down to the sad ...


Filled with my art work, news from ... Happy side of face ... Sad Side of Face


HAPPY FACE SAD FACE CHART White child puts a three-colored chart stickers mini Broken, the first row shows happy Athis worried big eyes may , dots representing ...


* Happy Face amp; Crown (Blue) Super Duper Day * Happy Face (Pink ... * Sad Face (Yellow) 3 Cards Pulled Sign Behavior Book ... behavior chart notes 08_03 (WP) Author: Karen mellette


Not all stories are happy -- this one had a Cat poster Face faces happy. Free clipart chart allow free stencils Printable. Happy your Church Personalize Happy. Sad but ...


This chart is the one that has faces on it from 1 thru 10 with 10 being the ... mostly happy, a little pain) :| (not too happy cuz it hurts) :( (sad ...


Emoticons with happy faces and sad faces are what we live our life like! ... Chakra Chart: Chakras versus Endocrine Glands; Chakra Centers Heal: Chakra ...


Find great deals on eBay for happy face sad face and happy face sad face pin. ... Security Center | Buyer Tools | Policies | Stores | eBay Wish list | Site Map | eBay ...


Over 40 really helpful calculators, checklists and charts to help keep you ... The happy/sad face discipline system is very simple but there's some powerful psychology ...


We look at each others faces to judge the moods we are in. We use the ... The emoticons have been neatly organized into categories such as Sad, Angry, Happy, etc so ...


Behavior charts for kindergarten and preschool with cute smiley face characters, happy face borders and backgrounds. Use these cute reward charts for kids to motivate ...


HAPPY AND SAD FACE TEMPLATES environmental poster design musical artifacts of ifugao drawing ... rules of reading for children band concert program current political map of ...


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At the end of the week, if there are more happy faces then sad faces on the chart, then your child should be rewarded for his or her positive behavior.


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There are many feelings shown on the special posters like : sad, happy ... game, at school or at home kids teachers or parents can keep a Chart of Feelings and Faces .