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Lost Saga Lost Saga Relic Hunting Update ... Forum Home Lost Saga Lost Saga Relic Hunting Update ... Max i digged up was a 3.5k peso item. Great thing about relic ...


A player looks for a relic. ... Pages on Lost Saga Wiki Add a Page


From Lost Saga ... Gear Chest x3 Master Hunter Find x2500 items in Relic ... Upgrade Reset (5) You can do it! Relic Hunting Level 50


Lost Saga - Welcome To Ace Forum! Help You To Enjoy Some ... Bug Crusade ... dia gan,cheat relic s rank,mancing sss rank ,cara ...


Tips and Tricks: In Lost Saga it's always good to remember that you can switch heroes in mid ... You use your relic hunting device and have to search for the relics ...


The lost saga account has a rare username (will tell upon ... 12k Pesos 9 Astros 1x Dwarf Potion (1Hour 50 Minutes Left ... Relic Level 30 Payments must be made to my Paypal which ...


Nih Gan Saya Mw Share Bug Crusade Lost Saga Moga Aja Masih Bisa Ampe Besok quot;Nya Langsung Aja Caranya Ok 1.Cari Room Crusade Apa Aja 2.Add Friend RM atau Siapa