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If I try to use a word like quot;Protectorate quot; or quot;Guardian quot; it says it's an 'invalid name.' If I try to put a space in, like quot;Friend of galaxy quot; it says 'invalid character.'


Ah bullshit, my usual character name of Tion is invalid, because some nobody Star Wars character in the movies is named that (it's the dude Obi-wan


Sorry... Invalid name Community ... Hey guys wondering if anyone got the dreaded invalid name or not available message when choosing their character name.


Squishy sorc New Player Help ... Make sure you got the best armor or armor mods you can get for your level, that may help a bit.


Hi Folks, attached two regkeys which should solve the problem. One for the full ... Sorry to be posting here, if Im not supposed to. But, Im having a similar problem ...


Guild: Invalid Target Server: Corellian Run Gharj Fight for guild research.


What are your thoughts on character names in The ... TOPIC: SWTOR Character Names ... Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ...


The Legacy System allows players to bestow a single, unique surname across their characters on one server.


At its core the SWTOR Legacy system is about allowing players to create a family tree ... completed their Chapter 1 storyline, they will be able to choose a Legacy Last Name.


I noticed a lot of people are a bit confused about the SWTOR Legacy System. ... At that time you will be able to choose a Legacy name that is, voluntarily, placed ...


1 - INSTALLER (SWTOR_setup.exe, or the installer on the ... get Server Not Responding: if your SWTOR account name ... If your monitor is saying something like 'invalid ...


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reddit:'{name}' find things posted in {name} only ... is the second post by this guy trying to smear SWTOR. ... is definitely genuine but all of these points are invalid.


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home ... Name * Email * Website: Your email address will not be ... Don't use your swtor account e-mail for security reasons.


Sell WoW Accounts, Diablo 3, Battle.net, SWTOR US Accounts to EpicMMO. We pay cash ... The following questions relate to the main character on your account: Character name:


Is it me or are there only bogus swtor hack sites around? ... .rdata:0115B298 aInvalidChecksu db 'Invalid Checksum Value ... strings, unicode or ascii, that have my character name ...